What Is EcoGoth? First I feel like we need to offer some definitions:

What is Goth?
According to Wikipedia, the goth subculture is “is a contemporary subculture found in many countries” beginning in England in the 80s. Wiki goes on to say that the subculture is influenced by the 19th century Gothic Lit, horror films and BDSM.

The Gothic Primer says “Goth unashamedly celebrates the dark recesses of the human psyche. Put the back of your hand on your forehead, and you’re there: dark sensuality, sweeping sadness, morbid fascination, forbidden love, the beauty of enduring pain, you get the picture.”

There are few hard definitions for Goth. There are so many sub-categories such as Victorian Goth, Goth Lolita, and the generic Goth. Then there is the associating categories: Industrialists, Cyber-goth, etc.

We here at EcoGoth consider Goth to be a “dark” aesthetic applied to clothing, music, art, books, and other media. This aesthetic can manifest itself in a predominately black wardrobe, listening to darkwave music, and numerous piercings but can also be enjoyed by those in jeans or business suits – Hey Emily Dickenson has her White Period.

So What is an Eco-Goth?
Eco-goth was first termed publicly through the kid’s movie Scooby-Doo and The Witch’s Ghost. The band, Hex Girls, is made up of self-proclaimed Eco-Goths who dress like vampires, love Mother-Earth, and follow a nature-based religion.

Today, Eco-Goths are Goths who desire to not only to follow a darker aesthetic but want to do so in a way that doesn’t damage the environment. This desire is fulfilled by buying second hand, using renewable resources, recycling, etc but all with a gothic flare.

So What is EcoGoth?
EcoGoth is a company that follows the motto of “Wear Black Think Green.”
We want to offer natural, organic products to the gothic subculture. We feel that in a world where Going Green has become a trend, there isn’t much out there for subcultures. This isn’t to say that goth’s are people who feel a need to jump on a trend band-wagon but people who may want to get away from chemical laden products available and are looking for a natural alternative (and alternative is what the subculture is all about, right?).


See more about the EcoGoth lifestyle and products at the website:


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